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SmartPhone ApplicationVoter Verify is a unique app that allows a person in the field to verify the voting status of a constituent from any web enabled mobile device. The user simply logs on to voter_verify from their SmartPhone web browser, and enters the constituent's first & last name and the month/day of birth and clicks 'Verify Voter'. The request is querried against our voter database, and returns the voter's information if they are registered to vote. If the constituent is not a registered voter, the field representative can enter additional information, and click 'Send Voter Registration Info', and the constituent will be mailed the necessary documents to register to vote.

Voter Verify can also collect data from which you can create lists of constituents that are supporters or undecided, need yard signs, would like to volunteer on the campaign, or would like to donate to your campaign.

To demo Voter Verify, logon from a web browser to voter_verify -

Password: test123

and click 'Voter Verify' and choose 'Quick Lookup' or 'Advanced Search' to search for a Maryland resident. Then click 'Verify Voter'.


Voter Verify is a quick & convenient way to enhance your GOTV efforts, and ensure you are collecting qualified petition signatures.